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When is Reading With Your Child Too Early? It’s Never Too Early!


The truth is that it’s never too early to start reading to your child.  You can begin reading to your child before they are even born.  If you have a baby, child or toddler and have not started reading to them or with them yet, start now.  You, as a parent, are your child’s first and best teacher.  Giving them a head start will make them SMARTER!  I have heard the question “can I teach my baby to read?”  Babies can read fluently as early as 2 years old when given the tools.

Won’t my child learn to read in school?

I have heard parents say “they will learn to read in school,” but a child’s vocabulary development starts much earlier.  In fact, a child’s vocabulary at 3 years old will predict their success in first grade.  Teaching them early will not disrupt the learning that will take place in learning.  Teaching is targeted to children at different levels and your child will be challenged at a higher level than children still learning to read.  It is important that children are “reading to learn” by the end of third grade and have mastered the skill of “learning to read”.  Over one third of children do not read at grade level as they reach 4th grade, which directly influences high school graduation and drop out rates.

How can I teach my child to read at home?

Visit Programs to find out more about how you can teach your child, toddler or baby to read with a step by step proven system created by a teacher and father.  He created short 3-5 minute, effective and engaging lessons that have been proven to increase phonics, phonemic awareness and fluency in his own children and many more.  As a fellow teacher and mom, watching the results of this program excites me enough to use it on the struggling readers in my own classroom.  You can sign up for a FREE newsletter that will give you reading tips that will help you teach your child to read.

Have you had success teaching your baby to read or how to teach your baby to read early?  Please share your comments.

2 thoughts on “When is Reading With Your Child Too Early? It’s Never Too Early!

  1. Massah

    Great information! I started reading short stories to my child while in the womb-kept reading after he arrived. He got the hang of it eventually. However, over time-he learned his ABC’s with pactice, formulate words & meaning and then the reading came along so naturally. He is 3 now and is reading. Presistance is the key and I think that is what helped in the long run! A great story helps to.

    1. admin

      Thank you so much for sharing your success story!  I love hearing about children learning to read at a young age.  He will achieve more because you read to and with him!  Thanks again, Jodi


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