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Teach Your Baby How To Read

Do you want to teach your child or baby to read early? You CAN!

Welcome to Teach My Child to Read at Home!  You really can teach your child to read at an early age, even babies!  This website is filled with ideas to inspire you to read at home with your baby, toddler or child.  Try the tips and tools on the babies/toddlers page.  You will be able to watch them grow and see them instill a love for reading within.

Do you want to teach your baby to read?  You CAN!

You CAN teach your baby to read or your child to read at an early age.  It is never too early to start reading.  You can start reading to your baby before they are even born.  Reading to your baby, toddler or child will increase intelligence and give them the best opportunity to achieve anything.  It is amazing what babies are capable of learning!  Children are sponges and learn the most before they even start school.  Read more to see how you can teach your baby to read and watch your baby grow! read more