Are you looking for faster results to teach your baby, toddler or child how to read?  Here is a program that will teach you how to teach your kids how to read.  As soon as they can speak, they can learn to read!

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Children can learn to read fluently as early as 2 years old!  As early as they talk, they have the ability to learn to read early.  Check out this proven step by step program that can have your child reading in 10 weeks.  This simple, effective method was created by teacher and father who got amazing results time and time again.  It really will teach you how to teach your kids how to read in only 5 to 10 minutes per day.  You can teach your child to read.  You can teach your toddler to read.  You can even teach your baby to read.


It is truly amazing to watch children reading so early!  See for yourself.

These children are proof that this teacher-father created program actually works.  There are many more success stories of children like the two children here.  They are now 4 and 6, reading well beyond their peers.  Their writing progress also reflects their reading level since reading and writing go hand in hand.

Click Here to read about their growth over the past 2 years and where they are now. These are only tow of the many more success stories!

Coming from a teacher, this program really works.  I have seen success first hand in the classroom using the Children Learning Reading program for differentiation in a third grade classroom.  It is perfect for children still learning to read and struggling readers.

4 thoughts on “Programs

  1. Roy

    I think it’s marvelous how children as young as two have learned to read using this program. I have a question though: How will this affect them when they go to school. Schools seem to have their own reading programs for their various age-groups? I suppose as long as they aren’t reading like teenagers in the first grade it should be alright. Being able to read is probably the most important thing one can teach a child. They need it for all subjects at school eg. to understand what is required from a Math question.

    1. admin

      Being a teacher myself, I have students entering third grade reading anywhere from 25 to 185 words per minute when they start the school year.  Therefore, differentiation is required in any classroom to meet the needs of every student.  Students who already have the ability to read fluently will be provided with more high level and project based learning whereas others are still given tools that will teach them to read.  Children can achieve so much more throughout every year of school if they can read proficiently.  

  2. Kelli Heitstuman-Tomko

    My youngest was my late reader. His older brother and sister were reading at three and four and the little guy didn’t really want to learn. He didn’t actually start until he decided he wanted to go to school with his friends, and, in our area, he couldn’t go if he could do basic K-level reading. So he finally learned at 7 years old. He was reading at a high school level by the third grade. The only problem was that he was a third grader. His teachers wanted him to read more than just Magic Treehouse books, but his special ed counselor (physical limitation, not intellectual) had to remind them that he was only 10, and so were his interests. By the time he left high school he was reading at a doctorate level and tested way off the charts for college entry.

    1. Jodi Smith Post author

      What an amazing story. I sure hope he was challenged by his teachers, but I’m glad he was still allowed to be a 10 year old kid. Thanks for sharing your amazing story and I’m sure your son will be quite a success after achieving such incredible reading skills. Jodi


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