Is Your Child Exposed to Reading While Schools are Closed?

Are your schools closed? Is your daycare center closed? It is more important than ever for your child to read at home. Don’t let Covid-19 have a negative impact on your child’s learning and growing. It is believed that school closures will have a negative impact on a majority of children due to lack of exposure to teachers, curriculum and in class learning.

Reading with your child at home will help your them to continue to grow during school closures. Make reading fun and be engaged with your child. Have a list of questions ready that you can ask as you read together. Asking questions such as “what is the moral of the story?” or “what do you think will happen next?” will keep your child thinking.

Schedule a time to read. It seems reading goes by the wayside if we don’t make a conscious effort to make time for it. I recommend putting it on a visible calendar so that your child knows how important reading is and that it continues to be a priority. Find a quiet place and dive into a good book.

The best book I have ever read as a teacher and parent is “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” written by Kate DiCamillo. This book will definitely engage children of any age. It is a heartfelt story that follows a china rabbit on a journey that he doesn’t choose. It is full of cliff hangers, perfect for putting it down and looking forward to diving in the next day. It is a must read for adults and children. You can get a hardcover of this book or a paperback for a lower price both sold on Amazon.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to maintain normalcy and the continuation of learning in our households. Your child will not fall behind like many will if your just pick up books and read! You will be grateful for the small moments and for the growth you will see in your child.

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