Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

You may be an expert in homeschooling or you may just be getting started.  Whether you are an expert looking for reading curriculum or a beginner looking for information on homeschooling, here is some information on reading curriculum for homeschooling your children.  Which curriculum is right for your child?


Homeschool Reading CurriculumK12 is a nation wide online education system that offers public and private homeschool options with or without teacher support.  The curriculum materials are not included in the free tuition or private paid tuition.  K12 does provide multiple ways to pay for the materials you decide to select for your child’s education.

Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading will get amazing results if you are simply teaching your child HOW to read.  It teaches the basics step by step, easy for parents and students to follow.  There is an affordable one-time cost of $49.95, which is much less than a tutor or any other curriculum.  And the best part is, it works!  Children Learning Reading is exactly what this program teaches.  It teaches you and your child how to read and leads you as the parent and teacher.  The lessons are short 5 minute lessons that you can easily fit into your day.

Core Knowledge

Homeschool Reading Curriculum ReviewsCore Knowledge offers FREE downloads for Language Arts.  It even has other subjects like Science, Social Studies and Music, but the curriculum does not include math.  There are literacy products you can purchase, but the educational material downloads are free and no credit card is needed.   The downloads include content-rich materials and most are at no cost to you.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is a great resource for downloadable materials.  There are worksheets and project enrichment materials.  You can search and sort by cost to find the free downloads easily.


Pinterest is another great resource that goes well beyond reading.  In addition to the fun art and science projects, there are reading resources.  They include project based learning, book studies, cross-curricular activities and more!

Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons – At Home Solutions provides instructor-guided materials, online software or you can bundle both.  The program includes the teacher’s guide that you can follow to teach your child and is differentiated by age level.  Also include are reading transfer cards, wall posters and games.  You can also get little books that are aligned with the curriculum.  You can teach children at the beginning stages or readers that are struggling.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Review

If you have used a homeschool reading curriculum that you found successful, please leave a comment and let us know!

Children Learning Reading




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