Do you homeschool your child?

You are your child’s best teacher and you can teach them to read.  It doesn’t matter what age your child is or what level he or she is reading at, you can teach your child to read and help them become a fluent reader.  Here are some different curriculum options to explore and make sure to read the free tips offered below.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

  • K12 is an online public and private online education system.  The online and virtual public schools are tuition free, however you will have to pay for curriculum that will support their learning.  K12 does offer reasonable monthly payments or you can choose to pay annually for the curriculum.  You can even add on subject areas beyond the core subject areas of Language Arts, Math and Science.  They even offer Music and Art!  Your child will receive the support of a state-certified and licensed teachers.  Click below and you can find out more about K12 in your state and request free information.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum


  • Core Knowledge offers free downloads for Language Arts.  It even has other subjects like Science, Social Studies and Music, but the curriculum does not include math.  There are literacy products you can purchase, but the educational material downloads are free and no credit card needed.   The downloads include content-rich materials and most at no cost to you.

 Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews


  • Children Learning Reading is a program created by a father and teacher.  It gets amazing results from children of all ages.  The most interesting thing about this program is that you can follow multi-year studies of children that have achieved high success as a result of learning to read from the methods in this program.  If you need a 5 minute per day step-by-step program that you can follow, this program really works.  It does have a price of $49, but has a money back guarantee because you will be completely satisfied and impressed with your child’s results.  Take the time to watch the entire video below.  If you don’t have time, bookmark the page or fast forward to see the amazing results of real children.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews


  • Reading Horizons – Home Solutions provides instructor-guided materials, online software or you can bundle both.  The program includes the teacher’s guide that you can follow to teach your child and is differentiated by age level.  Also include are reading transfer cards, wall posters and games.  You can also get little books that are aligned with the curriculum.  You can teach children at the beginning stages or readers that are struggling.

Reading Horizons Homeschool Curriculum

  • ABCmouse is an Online Curriculum for children ages 2-8.  It has over 500 lessons and 5,000 learning activities.  You can watch a video that will give you an overview of what the program includes as well as the engaging platform that your child will be seeing.  It is user friendly for your child to use when they are ready.  It keeps track of your child’s progress as they move through the learning activities.  The activities are FUN for your child and include more than just reading!  They won’t even know that they are learning and will be begging to play.  You can access your ABCmouse account from a computer, tablet or smartphone.   Try it FREE for 30 days.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews


Here are some FREE tips you can do at home to increase literacy:

  • Read, Read, ReadHomeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Make sure you set aside time to both read with your child and time that your child can read independently.  It is important to read with your child so they can hear you model fluency while offering enjoyment of reading to your child.  Your goal is for your child to gain a love for reading.

Make sure your child has books or reading materials that will interest them.  Providing high interest text will increase their language development and their learning.  The more your child practices reading, both silently and out loud, the more fluent they will become.  They need to read at home as much as they read at school.  For more information on where to find free and cheap books or to get more ideas on the best  books of all time for children, check out the Best Books page.

A comfortable spot to read will inspire your child to enjoy reading.  Make a special spot in a pop-up tent or a corner with an abundance of pillows.

Snacks also seem to be a motivator for kids because they can sit and eat a yummy, healthy snack while sitting back to read.

  • Compliments

Remember that your child is working hard to learn and soaking up knowledge every moment.  They need to know that they are doing a good job, however try to be specific with your compliments.  Instead of saying “good job”, try saying “I like the way you read with expression” or “your writing is very neat.”  Praising and complimenting your child and displaying their work will make them proud students and more eager to learn!


  • Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning for Reading includes hands on projects that include not only reading a book, but much more.  It can be creating a portfolio that includes a summary, drawing, inference, character analysis, compare/contrast and any other reading skills you want to include.  Check out this “Project Based Learning” board on Pinterest for many ideas that will take learning to the next level while offering your child a more hands on experience.  Also, check out the STEM Challenges!


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