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Is Your Child Exposed to Reading While Schools are Closed?

Are your schools closed? Is your daycare center closed? It is more important than ever for your child to read at home. Don’t let Covid-19 have a negative impact on your child’s learning and growing. It is believed that school closures will have a negative impact on a majority of children due to lack of exposure to teachers, curriculum and in class learning.

Reading with your child at home will help your them to continue to grow during school closures. Make reading fun and be engaged with your child. Have a list of questions ready that you can ask as you read together. Asking questions such as “what is the moral of the story?” or “what do you think will happen next?” will keep your child thinking. read more

Mobile Library

School Summer Reading Programs. How About a Mobile Library for Kids?

How to Open a Mobile Library

Are you interested in a rewarding summer experience?  Getting books in the hands of kids during a summer break is just that and more!  The day kids are out of school for the summer, many don’t pick up a book again until August or September when they return to school.  The kids get into what is referred to as the “summer slide.” They don’t read and their reading skills don’t stay as sharp as if they were reading over the long summer break.  

I personally found a way to keep 50-100 kids reading in my elementary school neighborhood and it has been the most rewarding experience next to motherhood!  

Mobile Library

Keep Kids Reading Through Summer Reading Programs

Envision driving up to a home and hear the kids announce it on the other side of the door “the books are here” or “Mrs. Smith is here with books!”  They come running out in bare feet, hopping on the hot pavement and run back in for their flip flops. They have their library books in hand and eager to check out new books again.  They search for new books with excitement, but they are even more excited to see the adults delivering their books. So hugs go ‘round and smiles too. The kids’ are grateful to grab their weekly treat and off they go with books in hand. Onto the next house we drive until we have reached all the kids’ homes on our route.  Not only do we get to deliver books that need to be read, but we get to keep in touch with kids over the summer! In all honesty, I am exhausted after a day of book delivery, but can’t wait to record our stats for the day. I spend the whole evening thinking about all the kids we reached that day. And I can’t wait to do it again the following week! read more

Does your child enjoy reading? How you can help your child.

It is important that your child enjoys reading.  Why?

Children that enjoy reading will read more because they are getting pleasure out of reading.  Children that read for pleasure not only have better reading skills, but they also have better writing skills and a more established vocabulary.

It’s simple, if your child enjoys reading, they will read more.

Teach my child to read at home

How can you help your child enjoy reading?

Set an example by reading yourself.  If your child sees you reading, they will be more inclined to want to read along.

Encourage your child to read with you.  If you are cooking, have them read parts of the recipe to you.  If you are reading the newspaper, have them read the weather forecast.  If you are reading a magazine, have them read the captions to pictures.  If you are in the car, read street signs.  I could go on and on, but you don’t need endless examples.  It can be anything.

Did you know that just over 50% of children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old were read to by a family member.  That means that just under 50% of children ages 3 to 5 are NOT read to daily.  For more facts like these, visit the National Education Foundation.  They also found that children who read for enjoyment, achieve higher test scores.

Read to your children.  Dive into their books with them and really get into character.  It is fun for your child to hear different voices throughout the story.  You can read anything from picture books to chapter books and everything else.  If you need book ideas for all time bests, check out the books page.  Make sure your child has access to books in more places than one!  Have a bookshelf in the bedroom and a basket in the family room.  You can never have too many around.

Encourage your child to read.  Turn off the TV and make it READING TIME.  You can motivate your child to read more with charts that they can stamp or color as they read books.   You can find many free reading logs on Pinterest.  If your child is truly enjoying reading, they most likely will not need motivation to read.

Give books and book gift cards as ideas for gifts.  Books are gifts that your child can enjoy over and over again.  This can include tangible books, gift cards for your child to buy books or a subscription to an online book service.

Getting comfortable is necessary to enjoy reading.  Make a cozy spot in your home, whether it is in your child’s bedroom or another place in your home.  A place that your child will want to go back to over and over.  Attempt for an electronic free zone…a place for just READING.  If you are looking for reading chairs for kids, the best chair I have found for true Kids’ comfort is this Child’s Recliner Chair on Amazon. Yes! A recliner for kids and it fits children ages 3 to 12 so it will fit your child for a long time. It comes in different colors and is soft to the touch. You can buy recliners NEW or USED if you want even a better price.  I didn’t know that children reclining chairs were as comfortable as adult reclining chairs.

It doesn’t really matter what you read.  It doesn’t really matter where you read.  It just matters that you READ.  The more you read with your child, the better off they will be.  The more they gain a love for reading, the more successful they will be in many aspects of their lives.  The benefits of reading with your child are endless!

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

You may be an expert in homeschooling or you may just be getting started.  Whether you are an expert looking for reading curriculum or a beginner looking for information on homeschooling, here is some information on reading curriculum for homeschooling your children.  Which curriculum is right for your child?


Homeschool Reading CurriculumK12 is a nation wide online education system that offers public and private homeschool options with or without teacher support.  The curriculum materials are not included in the free tuition or private paid tuition.  K12 does provide multiple ways to pay for the materials you decide to select for your child’s education.

Children Learning Reading

Children Learning Reading will get amazing results if you are simply teaching your child HOW to read.  It teaches the basics step by step, easy for parents and students to follow.  There is an affordable one-time cost of $49.95, which is much less than a tutor or any other curriculum.  And the best part is, it works!  Children Learning Reading is exactly what this program teaches.  It teaches you and your child how to read and leads you as the parent and teacher.  The lessons are short 5 minute lessons that you can easily fit into your day.

Core Knowledge

Homeschool Reading Curriculum ReviewsCore Knowledge offers FREE downloads for Language Arts.  It even has other subjects like Science, Social Studies and Music, but the curriculum does not include math.  There are literacy products you can purchase, but the educational material downloads are free and no credit card is needed.   The downloads include content-rich materials and most are at no cost to you.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is a great resource for downloadable materials.  There are worksheets and project enrichment materials.  You can search and sort by cost to find the free downloads easily.


Pinterest is another great resource that goes well beyond reading.  In addition to the fun art and science projects, there are reading resources.  They include project based learning, book studies, cross-curricular activities and more!

Reading Horizons

Reading Horizons – At Home Solutions provides instructor-guided materials, online software or you can bundle both.  The program includes the teacher’s guide that you can follow to teach your child and is differentiated by age level.  Also include are reading transfer cards, wall posters and games.  You can also get little books that are aligned with the curriculum.  You can teach children at the beginning stages or readers that are struggling.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Review

If you have used a homeschool reading curriculum that you found successful, please leave a comment and let us know!

Best Children Books All Time

Best Children Books All Time

Best Children’s Books of ALL TIME

Don’t let BOOKS become obsolete, especially for children!

Electronics consume kids as they get older so let’s keep our children reading BOOKS for as long as we can.  Let’s promote literacy to our children and encourage reading books on a daily basis.  Here is a list of classic books and authors you may remember, newer release books and even personalized books, all best selling books for babies, toddlers and children of all ages.

Best Children Classic Books All Time

Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
by Kate DiCamillo is a must read.  You cannot go through life without eading this book.  Your child will be sure to love it, but you will love it even more.  It is a heart warming story of a china rabbit that has a journey that IS quite miraculous. I enjoy reading this to my third grade class every year.  The kids can’t wait to keep reading this story.  They get so engaged and find much empathy in their hearts.  I have had many students let me know that this was their ALL TIME favorite book.

The Giving Tree
by Shel Silverstein is definitely a classic as it celebrates 50 years!  It is a story about a tree that gives and gives until he thinks he has no more to give although he really does.  The illustrations are also by Shel Silverstein and are simple black and white drawings that seem to captivate children’s minds.  Any reader will be reminded of the thought of giving after reading this classic story.  If you enjoy this book, then check out Where the Sidewalk Ends also by Shel Silverstein, which a book full of poems.  It is also illustrated with the simple black and white drawings of Shel Silverstein.

Goodnight Moon
by Margaret Wise Brown is a classic bedtime story.  Children never get tired of all the ways that we can say “Goodnight” and can read it over and over again.  It is fun to come up with new phrases to add throughout the story as you and your child look closely at the pictures.  You can watch the cute story here.

Green Eggs and Ham
by Dr. Seuss is an all time classic, selling over 8 million copies!  Kids love this book as Sam goes through the book insisting that he does NOT like green eggs and ham….or does he?  The rhyming pages in this story and fun pictures make this story a hit and easy to read over and over.

Where the Wild Things Are
was written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak is a true classic of children’s literature.  The Caldecott award winning pictures pull readers in just as the Wild Things pulled Max into their story. Although Max misbehaves, the message is one of parental love and will having children asking for more.

Best Children Book Classic Authors All Time read more

Teach Your Child to Read at Home

Teach My Child to Read Before Kindergarten…Is your Child Ready for School?

Can I Teach My Child To Read Before Kindergarten?  Yes, You CAN!Teach Your Child to Read Before Kindergarten

You can teach your child to read or get them ready to learn to read.  Introduce your children to the alphabet by teaching them that letters have particular sounds.  Progress into blending sounds and show how to blend letters and letter combinations together.

Read more about phonics and phonemic awareness at Wikipedia.  It is important to understand the relationship between phonics, phonemes, phonemic awareness and phonological awareness as well as what these terms mean.  Here are some more tips you can try at home to get your child reading early.


  • Read books, many books and read consistently.  Read anything in your home available and model fluency with your child.  Follow along with your finger so your child can recognize what words you are reading.  As your child learns to read, make sure they have reading materials that are appropriate for their learning level.  Great starter books are BOB Books for teaching your child to read because they are simple for children and provide almost instant success.  A variety of fiction and non-fiction books should interest any child that has a big imagination or desire to learn real facts.  Ask your child questions while you read and use a variety of questioning; questions that require yes/no answers and those that require your child to think or form predictions.
  • read more

    teach your baby to read early, teach my baby to read early

    When is Reading With Your Child Too Early? It’s Never Too Early!


    The truth is that it’s never too early to start reading to your child.  You can begin reading to your child before they are even born.  If you have a baby, child or toddler and have not started reading to them or with them yet, start now.  You, as a parent, are your child’s first and best teacher.  Giving them a head start will make them SMARTER!  I have heard the question “can I teach my baby to read?”  Babies can read fluently as early as 2 years old when given the tools.

    Won’t my child learn to read in school?

    I have heard parents say “they will learn to read in school,” but a child’s vocabulary development starts much earlier.  In fact, a child’s vocabulary at 3 years old will predict their success in first grade.  Teaching them early will not disrupt the learning that will take place in learning.  Teaching is targeted to children at different levels and your child will be challenged at a higher level than children still learning to read.  It is important that children are “reading to learn” by the end of third grade and have mastered the skill of “learning to read”.  Over one third of children do not read at grade level as they reach 4th grade, which directly influences high school graduation and drop out rates.

    How can I teach my child to read at home?

    Visit Programs to find out more about how you can teach your child, toddler or baby to read with a step by step proven system created by a teacher and father.  He created short 3-5 minute, effective and engaging lessons that have been proven to increase phonics, phonemic awareness and fluency in his own children and many more.  As a fellow teacher and mom, watching the results of this program excites me enough to use it on the struggling readers in my own classroom.  You can sign up for a FREE newsletter that will give you reading tips that will help you teach your child to read.

    Have you had success teaching your baby to read or how to teach your baby to read early?  Please share your comments.

    Teach your child to read at home

    Is your child struggling to read? Find out how you can help.

    Welcome to Teach My Child to Read at Home!  This website is filled with ideas that you can do with your child to help them become a more fluent reader.

    Teach Your Child To Read At Home

    Is your child reading at grade level?

    It is so important for your child to read at grade level by third grade.  If your child is not reading at or close to grade level by fourth grade, then they will most likely never be at grade level.  Not only will they struggle in reading, but other subject areas too including writing, math, science and social studies.  If your child is still learning to read, then reading to learn in other subjects will also be difficult.  Helping your child today is what they need so they will get on the path to excel in school and stay on track to graduate.

    What you can do to teach your child to read at home today.

    Start reading with your child today and don’t wait until it is too late!  All it takes is 5 minutes so get comfortable and enjoy a special reading moment.  You will be surprised at how fast the 5 minutes passes and you will find yourself wanting more time.  It allows the child to be engaged in a story and it allows you to feel like a kid again.  These moments won’t last forever.  Reading with your child will ensure more success in the classroom and in life.  A list of free tips to help your child read is located on the struggling readers page.

    Happy Reading!

    Teach Your Baby How To Read

    Do you want to teach your child or baby to read early? You CAN!

    Welcome to Teach My Child to Read at Home!  You really can teach your child to read at an early age, even babies!  This website is filled with ideas to inspire you to read at home with your baby, toddler or child.  Try the tips and tools on the babies/toddlers page.  You will be able to watch them grow and see them instill a love for reading within.

    Do you want to teach your baby to read?  You CAN!

    You CAN teach your baby to read or your child to read at an early age.  It is never too early to start reading.  You can start reading to your baby before they are even born.  Reading to your baby, toddler or child will increase intelligence and give them the best opportunity to achieve anything.  It is amazing what babies are capable of learning!  Children are sponges and learn the most before they even start school.  Read more to see how you can teach your baby to read and watch your baby grow!

    Teach Your Baby How To Read

    It is never too early to instill a love for reading!