Best Children Books “ALL TIME”

Here are some recommended must read favorites and best children books of all time!  You can enjoy reading them with your baby or child over and over again!  Need gift ideas for your child, offer the suggestion that your child always needs more BOOKS!

All Time Best Personalized Books

I See Me! books can be personalized with names and pictures of your child.  You can personalize all kinds of books, from alphabet books that spell out your child’s name to fairy tales with your child featured as a character with their picture and all!  I See Me! books even have a new book for dog lover’s that personalizes the book based on your pet’s name and it modeled after the book “Martha Speaks.”  It is perfect for adult’s and children to enjoy together!  They have a wide variety of books that you can personalize for holidays and the personalization goes beyond books.  It is a perfect keepsake for you and your child.  And best of all, your child will love reading personalized books over and over and over!

A personalized gift for dog-lovers!

All Time Best-Selling Picture Books

My favorite picture book is “The Day the Crayons Quit” written by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.  which is a fun book with different color crayons as the main characters.  They learn that they are ALL important in this fun story.  Just as captivating is the sequel “The Day the Crayons Came Home” where they reunite in this popular best-selling book.   I read both of these books to my third graders each year.  I do a whole language arts unit based on the books that incorporates reading, writing and art.  Even though I have already read the books to the class, student’s still want to keep reading these favorites.  The books come together in a special slipcase edition on Amazon, which will keep them nice for years to come.


 All Time Best Chapter Book

My absolute favorite chapter book is “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” is written by an award winning author, Kate DiCamillo.   The main character is a china rabbit that ends up on an unexpected life journey.  It is a story that will touch your child’s heart and your heart too!  I read this book with my daughter as a child and read it to my class every year! It has left imprints on my students’ hearts and many say it is their “all time favorite” book!  It surely is a must read and you can find this favorite at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Thriftbooks.The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

All Time Most Popular Chapter Books for Boys and Girls

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is an all time favorite for my kids.  I have 2 girls and 2 boys and they all read the series.  They would wait for the next book to be released and they usually talked me into pre-ordering the book through their book order at school.  Can you believe that Jeff Kinney is releasing BOOK 12 called “The Getaway” soon?  You can pre-order the book through Amazon.

All Time Best Learn to Read Books

BOB Books are great for teaching a child to read.  They are for beginners, but are increasing in level as your child grows.  Children feel successful when they master reading these books.  You can find this set and more on Amazon.

BOB Books

All Time Best Children’s Magazines

Zoobooks are definitely a children’s favorite among magazines.  They are packed full of information and pictures of animals of all kinds.  Zoobooks are offered in a monthly subscription just like adult magazines.  Your child will look forward to getting a new issue each month.  They are affordable and have special offers such as a 90 day free trial offer. “Zoobooks is every child’s guide to the most fascinating mammals, birds, reptiles, and insects. The stunning illustrations and intriguing facts will captivate — and the puzzles and games guarantee wildlife fun!”

Free Zoobooks Issue + Free Gifts


All Time Best Audio Books

eBooks are online books that you can read online or download for reading or listening pleasure. is a trusted site established in 2000 over one million fiction and non-fiction titles.  They even have educational materials that can help you or your child learn.  You can even download a free ebook reader app so you can enjoy reading anywhere.

Bestsellers at!
All Time Best USED Books

Used books are not only available in local book stores.  Real used books are also available online through thriftbooks at an affordable price starting at just $3.79 for a book and you can get them as low as $3 depending on how many you buy.    The more you buy, the cheaper they are.  There are so many books that can enlighten your child’s mind through fictional books or educational books that will enhance your child’s learning.  They are sorted in many different categories to make books easy to locate whether you are looking for a specific book, series of books or an entire genre.
Used Books Online


All Time Best NEW Books

Barnes and Noble is not only the biggest book retailer, but online retailer as well.  They have a vast array of books that you can search for by price, age, subject, top sellers, new releases and books on sale!  There are thousands of children’s books to browse through and Barnes & Noble offers many deals such as free shipping, bonus coupons and 10% off most purchases for members.  A membership is not required to purchase books.  Barnes & Noble Bookstore also has partners that offer used books at reduced prices for even more savings.

Children's Books at Barnes & Noble

ALL Time Best FREE Books

Don’t forget to check your local LIBRARY.  You can get a library card and check out books for FREE.  Garage sales and yard sales are good places to look for books and often cost only $1 or less.  You can also check your local used book stores for good deals, including Goodwill.

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  1. Bobby

    I really like this site. Thanks so much for your hard work on it. We have been highly involved in our children’s education their whole lives. We homeschool. Some of the books you have here are nice and we are familiar with them but some we are not. A person can never have too many websites, books or resources to call upon when teaching your own children to read. Can I save your site for future reference? Will you post additional books and information in the future?

    1. admin

      Hi Bobby, I’m glad you found the site useful.  I love to hear about parents that value reading with their children so thank you for sharing.  I would love for you to check back to this site http://TeachMyChildToReadAtHom… because it will be updated regularly with information on reading at home.  Thanks again, Jodi


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