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Does your child enjoy reading? How you can help your child.

It is important that your child enjoys reading.  Why?

Children that enjoy reading will read more because they are getting pleasure out of reading.  Children that read for pleasure not only have better reading skills, but they also have better writing skills and a more established vocabulary.

It’s simple, if your child enjoys reading, they will read more.

Teach my child to read at home

How can you help your child enjoy reading?

Set an example by reading yourself.  If your child sees you reading, they will be more inclined to want to read along.

Encourage your child to read with you.  If you are cooking, have them read parts of the recipe to you.  If you are reading the newspaper, have them read the weather forecast.  If you are reading a magazine, have them read the captions to pictures.  If you are in the car, read street signs.  I could go on and on, but you don’t need endless examples.  It can be anything. read more

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

Homeschool Reading Curriculum Reviews

You may be an expert in homeschooling or you may just be getting started.  Whether you are an expert looking for reading curriculum or a beginner looking for information on homeschooling, here is some information on reading curriculum for homeschooling your children.  Which curriculum is right for your child?


Homeschool Reading CurriculumK12 is a nation wide online education system that offers public and private homeschool options with or without teacher support.  The curriculum materials are not included in the free tuition or private paid tuition.  K12 does provide multiple ways to pay for the materials you decide to select for your child’s education. read more

Best Children Books All Time

Best Children Books All Time

Best Children’s Books of ALL TIME

Don’t let BOOKS become obsolete, especially for children!

Electronics consume kids as they get older so let’s keep our children reading BOOKS for as long as we can.  Let’s promote literacy to our children and encourage reading books on a daily basis.  Here is a list of classic books and authors you may remember, newer release books and even personalized books, all best selling books for babies, toddlers and children of all ages.

Best Children Classic Books All Time

Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time                    Best Children Books All Time read more

Teach Your Child to Read at Home

Teach My Child to Read Before Kindergarten…Is your Child Ready for School?

Can I Teach My Child To Read Before Kindergarten?  Yes, You CAN!Teach Your Child to Read Before Kindergarten

You can teach your child to read or get them ready to learn to read.  Introduce your children to the alphabet by teaching them that letters have particular sounds.  Progress into blending sounds and show how to blend letters and letter combinations together.

Read more about phonics and phonemic awareness at Wikipedia.  It is important to understand the relationship between phonics, phonemes, phonemic awareness and phonological awareness as well as what these terms mean.  Here are some more tips you can try at home to get your child reading early. read more

teach your baby to read early, teach my baby to read early

When is Reading With Your Child Too Early? It’s Never Too Early!

The truth is that it’s never too early to start reading to your child.  You can begin reading to your child before they are even born.  If you have a baby, child or toddler and have not started reading to them or with them yet, start now.  You, as a parent, are your child’s first and best teacher.  Giving them a head start will make them SMARTER!  I have heard the question “can I teach my baby to read?”  Babies can read fluently as early as 2 years old when given the tools. read more